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Belinda started dancing at age 5, and did her first jitterbugging as a teenager at Friday night socials in a church basement in Los Angeles. She has been teaching social dancing in the East Bay since 1975, including ballroom, Latin, disco, and, of course, swing.

In 1993 she fell in love with Lindy Hop, an early form swing dancing, because it's so much fun. When you watch Lindy Hoppers they are always smiling and laughing, which fits right in with the joyfulness of the music. She is a founding member of the Northern California Lindy Society and was one of the first Lindy teachers in the Bay Area-- She's been teaching Lindy and East Coast Swing (aka Jitterbug) ever since.

The dancers she learned from include Frankie Manning, Steven Mitchell , Ryan Francois, Rob van Haaren, Jonathan Bixby and Sylvia Sykes.